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CWM Survey & Inspection Member of MRAI

  Our New Delhi team will also visit the MRAI International Indian Metals Recycling Conference in Goa India on the 18th and 19th of January. If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment with our team, please contact us at  

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CWM Survey & Inspection wins international tender

CWM Survey & Inspection benefits more and more from their investments in quality and globalization.   CEO Fred Penning, is proud to announce, that, jointly with CWM’s Bangladesh partner, the international tender of the Barapukuria Coal Mining Co. Limited in Bangladesh was won by CWM. This means CWM will be their sole…

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A day in the life of a CWM surveyor!

It is a beautiful spring day, I step outside and the morning sun is already shining bright. Today’s schedule will be ‘A day in the life of a surveyor’. CWM’s social media team will be joining  assistant manager operations and surveyor Jouri Nieuwesteeg on his inspection and activities throughout the day!  …

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CWM Survey & Inspection

Established in 1970, CWM Survey & Inspection is one of the oldest marine survey and inspection entities in Europe that is still going strong.

At CWM Survey & Inspection, we offer our clients a diverse range of services from tallying, marine surveying to the pre shipment inspection of various commodities and waste materials. We are a global company with a local touch, offering you the very best specialists for all your quality and quantity verification needs, whether your company deals with plastic waste material or manages commodities such as cacao.


It is not only our experienced specialist inspectors who make us stand out from the crowd, but it is our attention to customer care and detail. We understand that each client is an individual with specific needs, and we will guarantee a tailored approach for each project on a case-by-case basis.


CWM Survey & Inspection, where customer care is not an objective, but a standard and where your interests are ours to look after.



From pre shipment inspection to inspections during transit – you can rest assured your consignment arrives in the best possible state.


Marine Survey

We offer visual sampling to more meticulous laboratory analyses in our marine survey services.


Loading & Discharging Supervision

Not only a question of monitoring that goods are loaded accordingly, but also that they are handled with care



On arrival or on departure, our tallying services are there to secure the numbers that you have purchased.


Gas free measurements

We offer safety precautions which safe guard the risk of any unexpected and health threatening exposure.