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KSO Indonesia

As of 2012, KSO Sucofindo-Surveyor Indonesia formally appointed CWM Survey & Inspection to undertake the Import Verification Progam (IVP) of Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic (Non-B3) materials from Russia and Continental Europe for the shipment of goods to Indonesia.

The official appointment by the Republic of Indonesia is a testimony to the faith they have in our integrity and the quality of our deliverables at CWM Survey & Inspection.


KSO Indonesia

On behalf of the official governmental agency KSO Indonesia, we conduct the IVP in order to certify and confirm issues such as:

  • country of origin
  • data and description of the consignment
  • category and quality of the shipment
  • date of disembarkation
  • port of destination

In order to confirm the above, the IVP process comprises of the following:

  • administrative verification
  • physical inspection of the consignment
  • visual documentation of the consignment
  • visual documentation of the loading process

Do you wish to export to Indonesia?
Should you wish to export recyclable material to Indonesia, such as waste paper, plastic waste or rubber scrap, and you are unfamiliar with the procedure, please consult Import Verification Program Indonesia.