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Metal Scrap Inspection

When scrap metal inspection is undertaken, there are many aspects to consider when dealing with ferrous or non-ferrous metals. Scrap metal is one of the more complicated materials to inspect out of the recyclables, since impurities, corrosion, fatigue need to be taken into account. Not to mention there is also the issue of investigating toxicities, such as oil or chemical residue present, which could be involved when dealing with scrap metal. 


While conducting a metal scrap inspection, it is more than just a visual inspection on site. At CWM Survey & Inspection we have our own testing facilities along with the cooperation of a number of internationally acclaimed laboratories on offer. This means we are able to conduct tests on scrap metals, such as Silver Nitrate testing, in order to determine whether there is a presence of chloride residue or if there is any danger of radioactivity in a consignment.

Scrap metals we have inspected previously include :


  • Railroad Scrap
  • Electric Furnace Casting and Foundry
  • Special Boring
  • Cast Iron
  • A wide range of industrial scrap metals, such as turnings and auto slabs


  • Aluminium
  • Red Metals
  • Lead
  • Magnesium
  • Nickel
  • Mixed Metals, such as shredded electric motors


The advantages of working with CWM Survey & Inspections



You have your own personal inspecting agency that only has one single interest at heart: your interests.


Global, with a local pedigree

From the industrial outskirts of Seoul to the Port of Santos in Brazil, our close network of qualified inspectors the world over, guarantee quality no matter where you are located.



We employ experienced specialists with a trained eye for detail.


High value ratio

For a competitive fee, you get a high quality service coupled with personal attention to detail.


If you are interested in working with us, it only takes three short steps for us to undertake your assignment:

  • First, fill in our booking form or contact us directly on +31-76-30 30 100

  • We will then make you a competitive offer

  • Finally, if the offer is right for you then you confirm the assignment.