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Valuation services for export of second-hand machinery to India

Exporting secondhand machinery to India requires a mandatory valuation of the used equipment. The valuation of the used machinery has to be conducted by a DGFT approved body such as CWM Survey & Inspection, as stipulated by the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India in circular No. 25/2015 issued on 15 October 2015.



Valuation services of second-hand machinery

For second-hand equipment to entre India, customs clearance requires that the used machinery is accompanied by a CE Certificate. The CE Certificate for second-hand machinery states :

  • the make of the machinery
  • the condition and state of the equipment
  • balance life
  • current market value

Our extensive network of inspectors within Europe, who are certified to conduct such valuations, has been strengthened with highly qualified appraisers in India. CWM Survey & Inspection can therefore conduct the compulsory appraisal of the second hand equipment either at the port of departure or the port of arrival and have the CE Certificate for secondhand machinery issued.