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PSI Vietnam

CWM Survey & Inspection is one of the agencies authorised to conduct pre shipment inspections on non-hazardous and non-toxic (Non-B3) waste being shipped to Vietnam. Although the Vietnamese government does not stimulate the importation of recyclables, opportunities remain consistent.

Boat. Mekong river delta, Vietnam

In 2010 the Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, in coalition with the Ministry of  International Trade, issued technical regulations for the importation of metal scrap, plastic scrap and paper scrap, which came into effect on 1 April 2011.

Download the Scrap Metal Datasheet >>
Download the Plastic Scrap Datasheet >>
Download the Paper Scrap Datasheet >>

The pre shipment inspection of waste material consists not only of an administrative verification, but also includes:

  • Physical inspection of the consignment
  • Loading supervision/photographic documentation
  • Issuance of a pre shipment inspection certificate

Not complying with these pre shipment inspection regulations, will cause serious delays, as the Vietnamese customs will enforce a post shipment inspection.
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Pre Shipment Inspections Vietnam

CWM has established good contacts with the representatives of foreign governments and the representatives of the Dutch government in various countries. The Dutch Ambassador to Vietnam supports the activities of CWM. He acknowledges the necessity of preshipment inspection of recycables:

In line with Vietnam’s remarkable economic growth, the country is producing more and more solid waste. But the disposal of waste also creates economic opportunities, provided the protection of the environment is taken care of. Vietnam is very well aware of this and it has issued strict rules to deal with its domestic waste and waste coming from other countries. Nevertheless, cost-effective and sustainable waste management will remain a major challenge. As a world leader in waste management, I am confident that Dutch companies and institutes will be able to support Vietnam.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Vietnam