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Import Verification Program Indonesia

Within the entirety of Continental Europe, including Russia, CWM Survey & Inspection has been exclusively appointed by the Republic of Indonesia and authorised to carry out the Import Verification Program (IVP) on non-hazardous and non-toxic waste being shipped into the country. So, all waste materials (Non-B3), which originate in either Continental Europe or Russia that are being exported to Indonesia require mandatory verification by CWM Survey & Inspection.

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There is more to the IVP of waste material than administrative verification, since it also includes:

  • The physical inspection of the consignment
  • Loading supervision and photographic documentation
  • Issuing a pre shipment inspection certificate


Import Verification Program Procedures

  1. Complete the form “Request for Information (RFI)”
  2. Submit the application at least 3 working days in advance of the actual loading
  3. CWM Survey & Inspection will carry out an on-site visit
  4. If and when the shipment is approved, the containers will be filled and sealed up with the appropriate seals.
  5. After the verification, the exporter will submit:
    – Exporters Statement Letter (ESL)
    – Invoice
    – Packing List
  6. As soon as administrative verification has taken place, CWM Survey & Inspection will send a draft of the certificate, together with appropriate documentation to the exporter
  7. After receiving approval from the exporter and the necessary documentation, CWM Survey & Inspection will forward the original certificate.
  8. CWM Survey & Inspection will forward the inspection report and all other required documentation to the appropriate authorities in Indonesia.

In the final stage of the IVP process, the authorities in Indonesia will issue a certificate and forward it to the importer in Indonesia.