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Verification of Conformity (VOC)

One of the main things buyers are looking for, is that their consignment arrives in the condition as ordered. There is no point in shipping something that does not arrive intact.
Assuring that the cargo in question meets all of the specifications as initially agreed upon by buyer and seller, our verification of conformity (VOC) offer a solution that ensures the cargo leaves and arrived in good order.

The open container

Which elements of a consignment can be verificated?
The type of verification undertaken is determined by you and your needs, especially since each consignment has its own terms of payment and delivery requirements.
For example, the verification of waste paper requires a different approach in both inspection and expertise than a consignment of fresh lychees. No matter the consignment, each VOC can be comprised of the following:

  • quality inspection
  • quantity confirmation
  • conducting or eye-witnessing in- or out of house testing
  • Administrative verification of all documentation
  • packaging verification
  • labelling verification
  • marking verification
And your VOC benefits at CWM means:
  • the cargo is verified against the terms as you have agreed upon prior to shipment
  • the consignment can be refused if terms are not met
  • the final payment can be made in confidence
  • a reduction of damage during shipment




You have your own personal inspecting agency that only has one single interest at heart: your interests.


Global, with a local pedigree

From the industrial outskirts of Seoul to the Port of Santos in Brazil, our close network of qualified inspectors the world over, guarantee quality no matter where you are located.



We employ experienced specialists with a trained eye for detail.


High value ratio

For a competitive fee, you get a high quality service coupled with personal attention to detail.


If you are interested in working with us, it only takes three short steps for us to undertake your assignment:

  • First, fill in our booking form or contact us directly on +31-76-30 30 100

  • We will then make you a competitive offer

  • Finally, if you are happy with the offer, you confirm the assignment.