Past & Present

Before entering any relationship, it is understandable that any client would want know a bit more about the company they are dealing with. While CWM Survey & Inspection may seem like the perfect partner for your tallying, marine surveying and pre-ship and cargo inspection needs, allow us to tell you a little about ourselves: who we are and where we come from.

Captain W. Muller founded CWM back in 1970, when it began life as a company specialising in tallying services. With a changing world and market, especially in the development of sea and land freights, the company had to adapt. Hence, CWM diversified its activities and expanded its services to incorporate cargo inspection (including pre-shipment inspections), marine surveying, gas free measurements, which complemented its tallying services.

Over the years, CWM Survey & Inspection has established itself as one of Europe’s leading surveying and inspection companies, offering service and assistance to companies all over the globe.


Our core competences are :


  • cacao
  • tapioca
  • rice
  • oils & Fats
  • fruits & vegetables, either fresh or processed
  • coffee
  • fertiliser
  • grains, seeds & pulses
  • frozen seafood
Project cargo

From complete chemical plants to consignments of refugee tents.