A day in the life of a CWM surveyor!

It is a beautiful spring day, I step outside and the morning sun is already shining bright. Today’s schedule will be ‘A day in the life of a surveyor’. CWM’s social media team will be joining  assistant manager operations and surveyor Jouri Nieuwesteeg on his inspection and activities throughout the day!


With a friendly smile and a firm handshake we meet our colleague Jouri. I step in and sit next to him in the CWM company car. We start off talking about today’s schedule. During the 20 minute journey, Jouri says we are about to enter the world of inspection. I emphasize I have several questions for him regarding inspection work and his activities at CWM. He says: ‘’let’s go, we have arrived on our inspection location. Today’s commodities are various seeds for export. Follow me and watch closely’’. We jointly walk to the reception to announce CWM’s inspector is here.


A friendly lady greets us and is already aware of our appointment: ‘’CWM’s head office already announced this inspection, i’ll point you to the exact location so you can inspect the goods’’. Arriving at the exact location I see Jouri immediately starting to go to work. By means of all sorts of documents such as pro forma invoice and packing list he checks if the quantity is correct.  Jouri: ‘’after checking quantity I will look for damages and torn cartons. It’s of the highest priority that the goods meet the quality requirements of the customer’’.

I watch from a safe distance as he is given a few tins of the consignment by employees of the inspection location. ‘’What are you doing?’’ I respond. ‘’No worries, I am just taking samples for lab analysis, this is part of the inspection’’.

After weighing the consignment Jouri is about to finalize the inspection. He requests me to help him with photo taking. He stands in front of the cartons and I am doing my job as a photographer.


IMG_5413            Jouri Nieuwesteeg posing in front of consignment as ‘proof’ of inspection.


The final photos are taken and after Jouri’s inspection report is countersigned, we head back to the head office for reporting purposes.

On our way to the office I have several questions for Jouri. He tells me more about his work as surveyor and assistant manager operations within CWM. ‘’Let me start off with saying variety is the most beautiful thing about this job. I get to work on inspections but am also able to report them and to assist matters in the office. My job consists of 50% inspections and 50% office work. A part from this I get to inspect various commodities. You’ve seen the seeds inspection today, but tomorrow I am inspecting waste paper, metal scrap, frozen foods, machinery or some other commodity. Every consignment has it’s own instruction, so focus is key.’’

This wide variety of inspections has to do with the recent growth CWM has been experiencing. Jouri tells: ‘’beside expansion of our KSO Sucofindo-Indonesia contract, the renewal of our 3 year DGFT contract for India and successful other enterprises in Bangladesh, Iran & South Africa (SAMSA-SOLAS) we also expanded our coverage worldwide opening offices in Dubai & UK, among others. It makes me proud to be a part of the CWM group which is constantly developing. I hope we can expand even further and focus on an even wider variety of inspections and government contracts’’

We arrive at the CWM head office. I follow Jouri to his desk, but first we allocate the samples in the designated area. Jouri clearly enjoys reporting this inspection as I sneak one more photo of his desk activities.


IMG_1537Reporting at his desk at CWM head office.

With the same friendly smile and firm handshake we say our goodbyes. Of course not forgetting the unique insight I have gained in being a CWM surveyor for a day!

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